About Us

Dunlop is Australia's premier tyre brand, with a history that dates back to the first imports of bicycle tyres in 1880. Local production began in 1893, making it the country's longest established tyre manufacturer. Today, Dunlop make a diverse range of world-quality and technically-advanced tyres to suit passenger cars, four wheel drives, light trucks and vans, trucks and industrial vehicles.

Dunlop's product quality is matched by its renowned, nation wide service and support, led by the 150 strong Dunlop Super Dealer network. This Australia-wide network is a collective of leading independent tyre dealers with powerful, second to none commitment to excellence in sales and service. United under the one corporate banner, the Dunlop Super Dealer network offers its customers the economic benefits of a large buying group, the total support of Australia's premier tyre brand, and the personalised service typical of independent business.

Dunlop Super Dealers offer a full range of tyre and battery services, from basic fitting to wheel balancing and alignment, puncture and repair work, to expert advice.