Tyre Information For Your SEAT

SEAT was formed in 1950 in Spain and is now owned by Volkswagen. It featured in the Australian market in the late 90’s but due to poor sales had to be withdrawn. However it is still well-loved by owners and enjoys success in the European market with 16 million SEAT cars being produced with exports going to some 70 countries. Backed by the well-respected German group Volkswagen has helped SEAT succeed as a youthful and sporty brand. 

Dunlop Super Dealers stock a range of SEAT tyres. We’ll make sure you buy the right SEAT tyres for your vehicle. Find out which tyres you need by using the search field, or speaking to one of our tyre experts. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you with all your tyre needs. 

The information provided on this page is for guidance only, we recommend checking that the tyre size is appropriate for your vehicle before purchasing.

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