Tyre Information For Your MINI

As part of BMW the Mini enjoys unrivalled success. It is an icon of the 60s and the first car to receive front wheel drive. The Mini’s revolutionary design was created by Sir Alec Issigonis, a talented engineer and designer. It was intended to be an affordable vehicle in response to the oil crisis. The Mini is commonly fitted with the SP Sport - a tyre that meets the demands of many premium vehicles like the Mini. The Sport 01 promotes enhanced levels of braking and handling in wet and dry conditions with low level noise and optimal comfort. 

Dunlop Super Dealers stock a range of Mini tyres for different models. Make sure you get the right tyres for your vehicle by using the search field, or getting in touch with one of our tyre experts

The information provided on this page is for guidance only, we recommend checking that the tyre size is appropriate for your vehicle before purchasing.

Dunlop SP Sport LM704