G287 MSA - Truck Tyres


Goodyear's latest local release, the revolutionary mixed service truck tyres which instantly and permanently self-seal tread punctures. In the event of a puncture, these tyres can continue to run, without air loss, until the next scheduled removal. The DuraSeal Technology truck tyre range has been developed for use in the tough working conditions of waste haulage and construction, where the risk of tread punctures is high and the exposure to puncture related downtime and cost is high.

G287 MSA Image


  • A 'sealant layer' is built into the tyre casing which sits between the tyre's steel belts and its inner liner. When a tread puncture occurs, this 'sealant layer' (a yellow, gel-like compound) instantly surrounds the puncturing object.
  • Seals tread punctures of up to 6mm in diameter and can do so multiple times over an extended period.
  • Can be retreaded without affecting the performance of the built in sealant


  • Reduces a trucks susceptibility to tyre punctures which therefore reduces a fleet operator's exposure to ill-timed costs.
  • The tyre does not need to be repaired after a puncture and the sealant does not need to be reapplied.
  • Increases cost savings as the benefits of DuraSeal can be taken advantage of through more than 1 tread life and on different axle positions.

Available Sizes

  • 315/80R22.5

Dunlop SP Touring R1