DT830 R1W - Agricultural Tractor Tyres


R1W radial tyre offering high air volume for high loads and flotation. High load carrying capacity and stability. Deep curved lug design providing oustanding traction. Suitable for large tractors & harvesters. 50 km/h maximum speed rating.

DT830 R1W Image


  • Super-Volume tyre for high loads and
  • Strong carcass
  • Deep curved lug design
  • Designed to keep total tractor width within 3 meters


  • For high loads and flotation
  • For high load carrying capacity and stability
  • For outstanding traction
  • For optimised Road usage

Available Sizes

  • 800/70R38 173A8/B TL DT830 GY Rolling circumf.=06132
  • 900/60R32 176A8/173B DT830 GY Rolling circumf.=05776

Dunlop SP Touring R1