DT800 R1W - Agricultural Tractor Tyres


Designed for row crop and other narrow applications. The large rim diameters and narrow cross section are perfect for easy crop clearance. Rounded shoulders reduce soil and plant damage. Diameters are compatible with existing sizes for easy interchangeability. Self cleaning tread lugs enhance traction in most conditions.

DT800 R1W Image


  • Narrow cross section
  • Round shoulders
  • Deep lugs
  • Increased Speed Rating


  • For easy crop clearance
  • For plant and soil conservation
  • For traction and faster work rate
  • For up to 50 kmh rated Tractors

Available Sizes

  • 320/90R46 148A8/B TL DT800 GY Rolling circumf.=05254
  • 320/90R50 161A8/B DT800 TL GY Rolling circumf.=05563
  • 380/80R38 142A8/B TL DT800 GY Rolling circumf.=04752
  • 380/85R34 137A8/B TL DT800 GY Rolling circumf.=04492
  • 380/90R50 151A8/B TL DT800 Rolling circumf.=05841
  • 380/90R50 166A8/B TL DT800 GY Rolling circumf.=00000
  • 480/80R50 165A8/B TL STR DT800 Rolling circumf.=06172

Dunlop SP Touring R1